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Education For Disabled Children

Local authorities and their partners can improve education, training, and employment environments. This arrangement could even encourage employers to sponsor more apprenticeships. Instead of being discouraged from trying to reach their desired goals when they may not have the innate aptitude, the children should be given extra support, more encouragement, and even one-to-one mentoring when necessary. This could also work out well for those who need a different type of learning environment due to learning disabilities or social behaviour problems.

The local authorities can also ensure the education and training materials are adapted to those who are handicapped. For instance, the material should be available in Braille. All the lessons should be presented in visual and audio formats as well as in written formats. Teachers should be able to use sign language fluently. Also, the classrooms should be set up to accommodate those who have visual and hearing problems, who may need to sit closer to the teacher or chalkboards.

The person who is dumb (mute) can be matched up with a teacher or employer who knows the person needs to respond in writing rather than orally. Classrooms and employment areas can be adapted to accommodate the needs of the handicapped person, such as a desk designed for wheel chairs or other handicapped accessories. Teachers and employers can learn to adapt the learning and work experiences of those who have mental illnesses.

For instance, if a child starts to become hyperactive during a lesson, the teacher can get the whole class to do some type of physical activity for about fifteen minutes. After the child calms down, the teacher can resume the lesson. Or the teacher can be teaching the lesson in conjunction with the physical activity, turning the lesson into a learning game. Another option would be to have an area in the school where children can go to recollect their composure and attentiveness.

Local authorities can provide better support to children and their caregivers

Local authorities can also provide parents and carers with better support throughout the child’s key life stages and transitions. For instance, the authorities could set up Children centres in order to more effectively integrate health, education, and social care services. They could also integrate youth justice, training, and employment services for young people, especially young offenders.

The local authorities could set up more programmes to assist young parents to obtain the necessary education, training, and employment they need. For instance, they could provide day care services for the parents while they are attending job skill training classes or out searching for employment. There are countless ways the local authorities can help children and youth to enjoy life and achieve their goals.

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