Introduction How a changed environment can aid your development How your local authority could improve your quality of life Educational factors that your local authority should consider

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When kids go wrong it's invariably their own fault, right? Wrong. How a youngster behaves in the future is usually decided at a very early age and most of the factors that decide that are in the hands of adults. There is much that your local authority can do to help you in your self-development; how many of these policies has yours adopted?

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Local authorities can assist children and youth with their lifestyle choices

Local authorities can assist children and youth with their lifestyle choices. They are charged with the moral and legal obligation to oversee the health and well-being of all the children and youth in their areas, with special emphasis on children in need. A child in need is a child or youth who is unlikely to achieve or maintain, or have the opportunity of achieving a reasonable standard of health or development without the local authority’s services. However, one way to keep a child from becoming one in need is to take preventative measures that help the child and its family members make healthier lifestyle choices.

For instance, local authorities can take steps to lessen the negative impact smoking has on children and young people. They can join with various partners and other agencies in the community to increase bans or at least make better efforts to enforce the bans on smoking. They can increase the resources available for those who wish to quit smoking but need outside help. They can encourage all smokers to stop smoking, and provide counselling for those who use smoking as a mental/emotional crutch. They can also encourage the community to make it much harder for children and youth to attain any tobacco products.

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Local authorities can help to reduce peer pressure

Smoking, taking illegal drugs, having sex, and drinking alcohol are often the results of peer pressure or the feeling of being alienated from society. Local authorities and their partners can assist all children with learning how to effectively cope with peer pressure at an early age. One of the most effective ways to teach a child how to avoid peer pressure is by teaching interpersonal relationship lessons through role-playing games.

Local authorities can sponsor extra-curricular activities, such as clubs, choirs, and bands. All children, especially the older youth, should be encouraged to form after-school clubs to give them the sense of belonging. These clubs should be encouraged to conduct anti-smoking, anti-drugs, anti-sexual promiscuity, and anti-alcohol campaigns at their schools and throughout their communities. Also, better addiction rehabilitation resources should be made available to all members of a community. Moreover, any health inequalities across the boroughs should be reduced as much as is possible.

Local authorities can reduce the economic distress and poverty levels within their communities

Another factor that contributes to poor lifestyle choices is poverty or economic distress. Local authorities can help relieve this distress and poverty level by partnering with various other agencies and local community resources. The authorities can help the local community attract more businesses to the area. They can also help to set up food banks, clothing distributions, and help to provide other essential household needs in the most distressed areas. The authorities and their partners could also ensure that every student was provided with adequate clothing, food, and school supplies.

Local authorities can promote physical and mental health among teenagers

Local authorities and their community partners should also take steps to reduce the number of teenage pregnancies. They should also work to improve the prevention and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases. The local authorities should also work to promote the mental and physical well-being of children and youth through various community sponsored activities.

More one-on-one and group counselling resources should be provided by the local authorities and their partners, through the schools, as well as throughout the community. The local authorities should set up parenting classes, nutritional courses, and sexual disease awareness courses. They should also arrange for physical fitness activities, as well as provide mental stimulation activities.

Local authorities can provide easy access to services

Local authorities should also take steps to ensure that all children and youth and their families have easy access to all the services available in the community. Providing a one-stop shop type area in the schools allows parents and students with limited income and time to make contact with the right resources when they may need those resources the most. It also encourages the various agencies and resource representatives to work together, which greatly improves all the agencies’ effectiveness in the long run. Healthy lifestyles do matter, and local authorities can find many diverse ways of improving the lifestyles of children and youth in their areas.

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